Activities and Goals

Goals and Metacultura Activities Record:

1. Maintain the unity of the expansion processes of the Arica School and the Consciousness Clarification in Brazil.

2. Maintain regular contact with Arica Institute to update publicity actions and training presentations in Brazil.

3. Promote in Brazil the training of the Escola Arica line and monthly the attunements and the Velocity Method, according to the Institute's guidelines.

4. Produce Arica materials in Portuguese, which include the Institute's communications, training manuals, books, sound recordings and videos.

5. Local printing of manuals, with authorization from Arica Institute to reduce postal costs, receipt time and possible customs problems.

6. List of activities that Metacultura has conducted:

      1. The production and maintenance of the Metacultura website.
      2. Support for Protoanalytical Theory study groups.
      3. Availability of the Ceremony of the Wave of Love via zoom.
      4. Prints of training manuals, as requested by practitioners.
      5. Presentation of the Arica Introductory Program via zoom and free of charge, a regular practice that this year totaled two presentations so far.
      6. Presentation of the Velocity Method in its updated video format, a monthly practice.
      7. Presentation of the monthly tunings of Arica School.
      8. Production of subtitles in videos made available by Arica Institute:
            1. Ego, Mind and Sudden Enlightenment.
            2. The Integral Scarab.
            3. Psychology, Theology and Theurgy of Death.
            4. Group Velocity Method, in process of adjustment.
            5. The new training program We Are One in video format now available in English on the internet, which we contacted the Institute to begin the work of converting to Portuguese.
        i. Books and magazines:

Symbol One (Divine Forms), printed; Core Fire, printed; Religious Consciousness, printed; Human Culture, printed; A Commentary on Protoanalysis, translated; The Nine Constituents, printed; The Four Killers; Translated; and Protoanalysis History Volume 1.

    1. Translated manuals

ADL, ADU, ADU-Scarab, Alpha-Heat, Bardo, Black Earth Ceremony of Perfect Harmony, Core Instructions Mantramic Repetition, Crazy Wisdom GW, Crazy Wisdom, Direct Hit, Divine Forms, Divine Mind, Divine Nature, Divine Virtues, Enlightened Mind, Scarab, Scarab GW, Scarab Integral Meditation GW, Existential Instincts, Golden Eye 1-2, Golden Eye 3, Illumination Death Process-GW, Illuminative Mind, IMUT, Integral States, IPST, ITSYM, ITSYM-GW, Mandala, The Immovable Mind Meditations, Transcendental Mind, Volitional Mind, Mind Only, Mind Only GW, The Mantramic Meditation and Contemplation of The Scarab, MUPGEP, Octagon, Waves of Love, Psychoalchemy, Psychoalchemy GW, Pure Grounds, Pure Grounds GW, Pure Ground of Eternal Presence, Rainbow, Nine Hypergnostic Systems, Symbol Yoga, The Trialectical Ascesis Of The Creative Mind, Telegnostic Guardian, TIE-individual, UGDIP, UGDIP-GW, Universal Mind and WAO.