Arica® Introductory Program™

The Arica Introductory Program™ is a training program designed so that new people can get to know the Arica School®, its originator the philosopher Oscar Ichazo, as well as answer any questions that may arise.

Presentation date: To be defined

This program has a total duration of approximately 2 hours, will be presented by Zoom, and free of charge to those interested. Additionally, the Arica Introductory Program features a 30-minute video in which Oscar Ichazo talks about ego, mind and sudden enlightenment, prepares the presentation of the three aspects of the human process that we all share, and introduces in a simplified way the clarification of our ego based on each participant’s personal experience.

Next, a concise description of the trainings being presented locally and how they relate to these three fundamental aspects is offered.

Finally, an Arica® meditation is presented to consolidate this process.

At the end of the training you can share your experience and interact with the group.

If are interested or would like more information, please contact us by Email, WhatsApp or fill in the form below: