The Arica School® presents a set of trainings to clarify the practitioner's consciousness.

In this set, there are trainings carried out in groups and presented by people accredited by the Arica® Institute, and individual trainings in which the manual is purchased at the Arica Virtual Store so that the practice can be carried out in the home environment, according to the needs and availability of each person.

In this set of trainings, there is a series called School Line in which the person goes through the entire human process and culminates in the realization of the Diamond Being, and there are equally important trainings to support the practice that are called Other Trainings and Body Works.

Association Metacultura Brasil, presents the two group trainings of the School Line, The Nine Hypergnostic Systems Group Training™, The Integral Protoanalysis® of the Scarab Trainings™ (IPST), as well as Other Trainings, Body Works and Tuning, which are monthly practices of one or two days that give rise to the improvement or initiation to practices of the School Line or Other Training.