Oscar Ichazo


The originator of the Enneagrammatic Theory, Trialectics, logic of cycles and Integral Philosophy, and founder of the Arica School.


Arica School®

The Arica School of Knowledge gives an overall presentation of Oscar and his Integral Philosophy (1956), a philosophy that completely analyzes a human being from the lowest levels of the ego to the Highest States of Pristine Enlightenment (Gk.Theosis).

Wave of Divine Love Ceremony™

When: Thursdays at 8pm via Zoom

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Universal Black Earth Ceremony™

When: The last Thursday of the month at 08pm via Zoom

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Integral Octagon™


When: Thursdays at 9am and Mondays at 8pm via Zoom

Duration: 60 minutes

Nine Hypergnostic Systems™

The nine hypergnostic systems are foundational to the Arica theory and practice for understanding and analyzing precisely the parameters of our psyche and developing the internal Witness. An important aspect of this basic work is the awakening of our chi or Kath energy for increasing our vital energy and for developing the State of Awareness of the Witness.

When: November To be defined

Open House

When: November To be defined

It is an open and free meeting for all those who are interested in knowing

a little more about the Arica School® and its teachings.

We welcome everyone with an open heart, as the School’s teachings are offered

and practiced for the benefit of all humanity.

Arica Introductory Program™

This program includes an introduction to the Arica School, a thirty-minute video by Oscar Ichazo titled Ego, Mind and Sudden Enlightenment™, a presentation on the Three Fundamental Questions™, an Introduction to the Protoanalytical Trainings™ and the Three Fundamental Forms Meditation™.

When: November To be defined