Nine Hypergnostic Systems™


The word Hypergnostic is derived from the Greek words Hyper (over or above) and Gnosis (knowledge). The nine hypergnostic systems are foundational to the Arica theory and practice for understanding and analyzing precisely the parameters of our psyche and developing the internal Witness. An important aspect of this basic work is the awakening of our chi or Kath energy for increasing our vital energy and for developing the State of Awareness of the Witness.

These nine systems consist of three Instincts, four Functions and two Poles.

The Conservation Instinct is the instinct for self-preservation and corresponds to our relationship with our mother and our digestive system.

The Relation Instinct is the instinct for relating with others and is connected to our relationship with our father and our circulatory and respiratory systems.

The Adaptation Instinct is the instinct with which we adapt to our surroundings and environment and is associated with our relationships with our siblings and children and our central nervous system.

The four Functions — Space, Time, Expression and Coordination — are the ways in which our Instincts interact with society.

Our entire psyche is supported by the Sexual Pole — our vitality, and the Spiritual Pole — our sense of identity and unity.

The Nine Hypergnostic Systems group training is a daily routine of exercise, clarification of past experiences (karma), meditation and ceremonies. Psychocalisthenics, Kath Generation and the Fire Exercise directly increase our vital energy, tone our bodies and give us a sense of physical stability. The pressure and emotional charge of karma is released through honest self-observation, using specific questions and concomitant associations for each of the nine systems. The meditations for improving awareness, contemplation and one-pointedness include Plantar Audition, Psychic Space meditation, Hypergnostic Meditation and the “Desert” — a day and a half of solitude and self-observation. Through the “Eyes of Karma” ceremony we can obtain a deep sense of pacification with our parents, our children and our life experience.

Available worldwide through licensed sponsors.

Training Length: 14-day group training (intensive or extended formats) followed by an optional 10-day individual Hypergnostic Meditations training.

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisites, but it is necessary to be member of Arica Institute.

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Instituto Arica offers scholarships to those who need. Additionally, Metacultura can evaluate the possibility of splitting these payments according to the specific situation of each participant. If there is an interest in participating, Metacultura will try to make it possible for everyone to participate, within its limits.

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